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Honoring one Lyme sufferer who has passed away every week until

there are no more deaths from Lyme.

Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness

Event and Protest~~in Southern California


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For information on this event, go here.

For information on worldwide events:

US WWLDAP Blog and Intern'l WW Blog


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May is

Lyme Awareness Month

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Lyme Quick facts

Lyme in California brochure (click on pamphlets in side bar then scroll down to ticks brochure)

More brochures to print

Tick collection map in CA


Igenex lab

Tick encounter resource center

more videos

Yolanda Foster's experience with Lyme

Candice Accola on Lyme

Candice Accola's PSA

Under the 8 ball trailer

Under Our Skin trailer

Under Our Skin Full movie

Dr. Jemseck "Speaks the Truth" talk

Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest

Great Lyme resource site!

Mayday protest in DC.


* Lyme patients from all over the world feel they are being ignored and even being denied treatment for tick borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Babesia, Erlichisois, Ricksettia and Bartonella.

* Demands are being made for accurate testing, proper treatments, and admittance that Chronic Lyme Disease is real, serious and potentially fatal.

* Patients want to know why the IDSA is being used by the CDC for their guidelines in the treatment of Lyme Disease even after Attorney General Blumenthal’s investigation found them biased and the guidelines flawed.

* Lyme patients are asking that the healthcare community need be better educated in order to effectively diagnose and treat patients with Chronic Lyme Disease.

* Lyme patients are stating that independent funding for medical research into Lyme Disease testing and treatment are needed.

Things you can do from home.

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CA Lyme counties map

Lyme ticks in LA Parks

Lyme ticks in Bay area parks

CDC 300,000 Lyme cases estimate 2014

no more deaths to lyme


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